Absolut Balance

Absolut Balance is located in the very center of Zug, a prime location just steps away from the main railway station. It was established in 2005 as the first professional Pilates Fitness Studio in the Canton of Zug. Absolut Balance has earned a reputation of excellence as a Pilates studio of highest regards in Switzerland. Today Absolut Balance Studio has evolved into a platform for dedicated professionals, who are specialised in movements, therapies and beauty treatments. All methods and therapies complement each other, and our clients can improve their health, increase their fitness level, and care for their beauty. We offer what you need for a healthier and fitter way of living.

Training Room is equipped with the newest high-tech Pilates machines. There is a wide spectrum of training sessions from Pilates with personal attention. With regular exercises you can reach levels of movements you have never experienced before. Complete coordination and unity of body, mind and spirit coupled with harmonic breathing keeps you young, strong, flexible and energized.

Training Room Absolute Balance Pilates in Zug

Beauty Room is designed for beauty treatments for your face and body such as LPG Endermolift, LPG Lipomassage, Cryo Pen, Microdermabrasion, Food & Fit Program and much more. It has a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. This will help you to relax your mind, focus on your body shape, whilst rejuvenating and nourishing your skin. Please find more information on www.beautypraxis-zug.ch

Beauty Room Absolut Balance in Zug

Therapy Room is a small luxury room with everything to relax, to take care of your muscles, body adjustments and alignment. There is a perfect offer of Medical Massage, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. Mindful movements and therapies can alleviate pain, increase and restore your energy flow, and positively change your lifestyle. For more information, please check www.peterpfyl.ch

Therapy Room Absolut Balance in Zug

Studio Infrastructure
Our luxurious and spacious studio with lots of natural light has been purposely built to meet the high expectations of our clients, including air conditioning, changing rooms, showers, towels and much more… Our goal is that our clients leave our studio with a big smile and both energized and balanced.

Absolut Balance Studio