Anna Breuer Pilates Training Consulting Absolut Balance

Anna Breuer

Studio Owner, Expert Pilates Teacher

Anna was born in Kiev, Ukraine. She has always been quite active, playing tennis, dancing both folk and modern ballet, and graduating from the Pedagogical University. Anna was first introduced to Pilates in 2001 while living and working in South Africa by her friend and former Prima Ballerina Irina Zyrianova from St. Petersburg. After a couple of training sessions, Anna already realised that Pilates was just the right art of movement for her. To teach Pilates, one should not only move – but rather, understand the movement, its purpose and its anatomy. It was this that inspired Anna to become a fully certified Pilates Teacher by Body Arts and Science International in Johannesburg in 2003. Moving later to Switzerland Anna continued her career as a Pilates Teacher and in 2005 Anna founded Absolut Balance as the first fully equipped professional Pilates Studio in the Canton of Zug. Absolut Balance quickly become a highly popular Pilates centre in Zug. Throughout this time, Anna has continuously furthered her education in Pilates, movements and anatomy, studying with masters and leaders of the Pilates, movements and anatomy industry and inspiring her clients with her Pilates passion, giving them the best benefits of the method. She speaks English, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

“To me Pilates is the road to health. It makes me feel great and I understand the body better than ever. I have seen and experienced the strengthening and healing abilities of Pilates and I definitely want to share it with everybody who would like to discover Pilates.”