Absolut Balance changed my life in Zug where I was living while on an international business assignment for my multinational pharmaceutical company (I relocated to Zug from San Francisco, California in the USA). Anna Breuer was my Pilates yoda and she introduced me slowly and patiently to the world of Pilates. Once in that world, I’ve never looked back, and I have continued to practice Pilates everywhere I travel to. Anna is an amazing teacher – she is knowledgeable, patient, kind and a great communicator who always encouraged me to do better while training Pilates with her. As a business traveler, maintaining a good balance between work and health is important to me so I can remain energetic, physically vital, mentally sharp, happy balanced. Pilates improved my body strength, posture, stamina and mood – I was always happier after practicing Pilates with Anna Breuer. I very highly recommend Absolut Balance.

Guillermo E. 

I have been with Anna and Absolut Balance since it opened and need at least 2 sessions per week to feel physically and mentally at peace.  I know my muscles from head to toe have strengthened and the spine is as flexible as it was in my youth.  The studio is lovely with every possible machine for any and every body workout. The instructors are extremely competent and sharp-eyed for any incorrect execution of the movements.  Private sessions are tailor made to suit any and every body problem you may have and you can count on rapid improvement.  I can highly recommend Pilates in general and this studio in particular.

Cari Z. 

Amazing! I no longer suffer from chronic back pain and feel strong and toned.  Both Anna and Gözde are fantastic and always ensure the lessons are rewarding and challenging whilst doing their best to ensure individual desires are met.  I love that they offer both reformer and mat classes –they are flexible, professional, and friendly and I look forward to each lesson!

Liesl B. 

I have always been very self-conscious and have avoided going to group classes and even had a bit of a problem with private lessons, so it was with trepidation that I went to Absolut Balance.

I need not have worried. Anna and her team are professional and friendly and take time to understand their client’s needs.  Gözde really helps me to relax into the lesson and I forget to be self-conscious. I learn a lot and I feel my body has toned and is more aligned, which can only be a good thing.  Thank you.

Janet P.

Absolut Balance became a sanctuary for me in Zug. Anna and Gözde are remarkable personal trainers for Pilates, after only 10 sessions I saw significant changes, not only did I become flexible enough so that I could do yoga without being embarrassed, I also started to see the shape of my “dream body”.

Most importantly, I experienced lasting and refreshing surges of energy after each session.

Thank you Anna and Gözde for introducing me to this sport.

Roman F.