Pilates Sessions / Prices Per Person / Schedule

Before you start any Pilates training with us it is essential to book an Introduction Private Session.

Introduction Private Session (one-on-one) – CHF 120.00

It consists of a postural, personal fitness assessment, learning fundamental basics of the Pilates technique, but also refreshing your knowledge derived from already existing Pilates experience. It is suitable for any fitness levels. At the end of the session, the client’s goals are discussed, and an individual training plan is defined. After your Introduction Private Session is completed, you can choose Pilates Private Sessions or Pilates Mat Class Sessions with (ABO) or you can enjoy your single Pilates Sessions without ABO and pay each time you visit us.

Pilates Sessions on Pilates Equipment

Founder of Absolut Balance Studio - Anna Breuer

All Pilates equipment are spring based, which creates the flow feeling and gliding sensation through movement. This is very beneficial for a person’s joints, as well as for somebody with arthritis or osteoporosis. It is a great tool for body alignment and for people with scoliosis or muscular imbalances. The sessions are adapted to the individual fitness levels, for beginners up to advanced clients. Exercising on the mat with their own body weight is often a big challenge for beginners. That is exactly where Pilates equipment provide assistance to build up strength. For more advanced clients, the challenge can be elevated by increasing the range of movements with different variations of spring resistance and increasing speed. It is designed for everybody’s needs and fun.

Private Sessions are ideal for clients with special considerations who might have some pain or aches, recovering from injuries, pregnancy, or who just prefer one-on-one private trainings. An individual exercise program is tailor-made to the client’s needs.


Private Single Sessions CHF 140.00
Special ABO for 5 Private Sessions CHF 650.00

Pilates Sessions on Mat

Pilates Mat Class Zug

Pilates Mat Class Sessions are specially designed for small groups (min. 2 persons to max. 5 persons).

Mat Class Sessions are designed for people without any health issues, pain, or injuries. Pilates Mat Classes consist of Pilates mat workouts using special tools for fun and to improve the quality of exercises.

If clients are interested in having a Mat Class Session on a specific day and at a specific time, we are more than happy to plan for and start a new Mat Class.


Single Mat Class Session CHF 45.00
Special ABO for 5 Mat Class Sessions CHF 175.00

Pilates Mat Classes Schedule

TUESDAY 10:00 12:00 17:15
WEDNESDAY 10:00 12:00
FRIDAY 10:00 12:00 17:00
SATURDAY 10:00 12:00


Pilates Sessions (55 minutes per session).
All sessions are by appointment only.
Book your Pilates Session via anna.b@absolut-balance.ch or 079 786 90 50

A healthy surprise for a loved one on a special occasion:


for one or more Pilates Sessions. A gift that may change a life!